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Frances Whittock
Thankyou to everyone at Wanborough School, who welcomed me to the school for my work experience. i have leart alot, and enjoyed working with different classes! The school has changed so much since i was there 5-6 years ago! but it is still a lovley school, and i would recomend it to anyone :) thanks
7 April 2011 - wanborough

Megan Lowe
x-wanborougherr. have a good time while it lasts! you'll miss it when you leavee!
28 January 2011 - The Ridgeway School

Frances Whittock
me megan lowe and tori sutton would just like to say hi ;)
28 January 2011 - Wanborough

Jess and Grace (again!)
12 September 2010 - year 8 now!!! and in Bishopstone!

Jessica Parsley
Hi, just wanted to say hi and see how you all are me and Grace Stephens miss you all and hope to see you all soon! Jess and Grace xxx
12 September 2010 - Bishopstone

The Levers
Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the fantastic performances of Oliver last week. The singing and acting were superb and it was so good that all the children were so involved and they certainly looked as though they were enjoying it! It certainly had um-pah-pah!
15 July 2010 - Wanborough

Ewan chapman
Hi all in year 6 I've been looking at the card that you gave me at th end of year 5. just to inform you that my cast has come off (WHOOOOOPPPPPIIIIIIEEEEE) enjoy the rest of the school days now im on holidays also good luck in the play!!!
8 July 2010 - WANBOROUGH

Jane Pattison
Congratulations to Dove class on the successful premier of their movie, and the Oscar awards. I was disappointed not to be able to come to see it - it is the first production in which the grandchildren have been involved that I have missed in seven years!
30 November 2009 - Wanborough

ewan chapman
hi guys it is very nice for what you did on Friday. i already start to think of you and have memories of you. see ya.
25 July 2009 - wren

Rebecca Simpson
I really miss you. Hello Magpie class! From Rebecca
7 May 2009 - Now at Sth Marston school

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