Headteacher: Andrew Drury
Wanborough Primary School, The Beanlands, Wanborough, Swindon, SN4 0EJ
Tel: 01793 790269 Email:admin@wanboroughprimary.org
Beat The Street
Last updated 11.10.18

Week 4 News
from the Beat The Street Team

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Can Swindon reach the Moon?

Swindon has already travelled hundreds of thousands of miles so far for Beat the Street but we want to know if the town can reach the Moon?

If Swindon can reach 230,000 miles by the end of the game the town may receive a truly out of this world prize - so keep tapping and Swindon travel into space!

Have you got a Beat the Street story?

With more than 31,000 people playing across Swindon - we have already heard lots of stories of people spending more time with friends and family, joining running clubs or taking their bicycle out of the shed for the first time in years.

Has Beat the Street made a difference to you? Get in touch with your story to let us know how Beat the Street has got you more active and exploring your community.

Beat the Street Rush!

Don't forget that it's Beat the Street Rush for the rest of this week. For one hour each day this week, all Beat Boxes across Swindon will be giving out double points.

Want to know what time to tap the double points Beat Boxes? Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter where we will be making the announcement an hour ahead.

We're taking part in this event across Swindon.

Register your fob then make sure that you tap the boxes when you pass, to earn points for the school and possible prizes for yourself.

Register and find out more at the Beat The Street Website →

Do you need more cards? Look here →

Here are the boxes in Wanborough: