Headteacher: Andrew Drury
Wanborough Primary School, The Beanlands, Wanborough, Swindon, SN4 0EJ
Tel: 01793 790269 Email:admin@wanboroughprimary.org
COVID-19 Advice
Last updated 18.10.21

We have received some advice (in bold below) from Swindon Borough Council in response to the increasing rates locally.

Currently we have a few cases across the school and there has been an increase in testing numbers over the last week. So at Wanborough in response to the advice we will:

  • Go back to zones at morning break, lunch and afternoon break.
  • Lunchtimes will remain the same, a planned increase for 3 classes in the hall at a time will be put on hold.
  • We will have no mixed class assemblies – we haven't reintroduced large assemblies anyway.
  • Rooms will continue to be well ventilated.
  • Staff will wear masks in communal areas.
  • We will continue to keep washing hands regularly.
  • We will continue to clean regularly.
  • Toilets – one in / one out policy will continue.
  • We will continue to isolate and send children home if they are displaying symptoms.
  • Limit mixing as much as possible in after school and breakfast clubs.

For parents, please could you adhere to the following until further notice:

  • One parent per family to come on the school site to drop and collect children.
  • Parents to wear facemasks on the school site.
  • Parents to collect children and move off the site immediately, avoiding congregating.
  • Parents to follow the one-way system at all times.
  • Please don't send children to school if they have a temperature, have lost their sense of taste or smell or have a new and continuous cough.

We have been very fortunate thus far to have avoided mass disruption and I know lots of families have breaks planned for half term. Whilst I appreciate the rest of society is operating under different rules I continue to appreciate your co-operation and support in these ongoing challenging times. If cases were to increase rapidly and DfE government thresholds are met, then of course further measures may need to be re-introduced in discussion with Public Health England South West.

Yours sincerely

Andy Drury


Swindon Borough Advice to Schools

Schools and early years encouraged to use protective measures to minimise infection spread

We recognise that Covid-19 outbreaks continue to create significant challenges for schools and thank you for all that you are doing to minimise transmission of Covid-19 in the school setting and in balancing this with the need for children to be in education. Given the evidence of spread of infection in pupils and the impact of staffing across Swindon's educational settings since term began, we are advising all settings to review the school's contingency framework and their own contingency plans and implement where possible and appropriate these protective measures listed below.

We recommend a particular focus on the four following areas from now and for 14 days post half term (whilst we review) to limit the impact of social mixing at half term:

1. Halt 'whole school' assemblies for the time being and any other 'large gatherings and mixing'

2. Introduce face coverings in communal areas such as corridors when movement occurs between lessons for secondary school and college settings

3. Reduce mixing between groups of students as much as possible

4. Social distancing and good infection prevention control amongst staff as much as possible due to the large numbers of staff who are contracting the virus.

Steve Maddern, Director of Public Health for Swindon, said: "We are advising schools to review their own contingency plans and where appropriate introduce these protective measures to help minimise the spread of infection and maintain face to face education. We recommend a focus on these four areas from now and for 14 days following half term whilst we review. We all understand the importance of keeping schools open where possible and we believe by introducing these measures at these key points will help keep infection down."

Latest SBC Covid-19 Newsletter

Get vaccinated and continue to test if you show COVID symptoms

As winter approaches, help protect yourself against COVID-19 and flu by washing your hands regularly and wearing a mask in crowded places. When meeting people inside, open windows and doors to ventilate the room.

If you are offered a vaccine for COVID-19 or flu, please take it. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, get a PCR test.

You may have read and heard media reports following confirmation from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) that a laboratory processed some incorrect negative PCR test results between 8 September and 12 October, mostly in the South West of England.

NHS Test and Trace is contacting the people that could still be infectious to advise them to take another test. Close contacts who are symptomatic will also be advised to take a test in line with normal practice. 

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should self-isolate and book a PCR test. Those with a positive rapid lateral flow test result should get a follow up PCR test to confirm they have COVID-19.

UKHSA has confirmed this is an isolated incident attributed to one laboratory which processes the tests and there are no concerns over the test themselves or testing sites.

For any questions generally on COVID-19 testing, please check the NHS website.

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