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Special Educational Needs and Disability Local Offer
Last updated 19.02.24

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What does special educational needs and disabilities mean?

Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn.

Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) often need extra help and support to learn.

The SEND Code of Practice sets out four areas of SEND:

  • communicating and interacting
  • cognition and learning
  • social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • sensory or physical needs

Communicating and interacting

Speech, language and communication difficulties make it difficult for a child or young person to understand how to communicate effectively or appropriately with others.

Cognition and learning

Children and young people with cognitive and learning difficulties:

  • learn at a slower pace than others their age
  • find it hard to understand parts of the curriculum
  • have difficulties in organising themselves or remembering things
  • have a specific difficulty with one particular part of their learning, such as literacy or numeracy

Social, emotional and mental health issues

This means a child or young person:

  • finds managing relationships difficult
  • is withdrawn
  • behaves in a way that causes problems for themselves and others

Sensory or physical needs

This includes visual or hearing impairments, or a physical need that means they require extra ongoing support and equipment.

Parents who believe that their child may have Special Educational Needs should in the first instance contact the class teacher who will liaise with our SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), Mrs Asha Wride. We also have a SEND Governor, Mrs Caroline Horwood.

Below are school policies which relate to SEND provision:

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