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Erasmus+: Let's all GROW together
Wanborough Primary School is embarking on this project with our French colleagues at Ecole Du Lac.

We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in our Erasmus+ application (made through the British Council and European Union) which has allocated both schools significant funding to our proposed "Let's all GROW together" project.

This project has four aims the schools will work collaboratively on:
  1. Improving all stake-holders knowledge of Mental Health, Wellbeing and Mindfulness in an educational context.
  2. Developing and embedding a positive Growth Mind Set Culture in both schools.
  3. Acquiring and applying new language skills.
  4. Appreciating and experiencing other cultures.
Over the next two years we will be providing opportunities for children, parents, staff and governors to help us meet these aims. The funding we will receive will be used to give skills, strategies and knowledge through a variety of curriculum enrichment, workshop and training activities.

Furthermore, to support the language and cultural aims the funding will help subsidise the Year 6 French trips for 2019/20. We also aim to publish our activities and any related theory/documents on our school website.

Growth Mindset: 26th - 29th November
Pupils from year 2 to 6 are having workshops with Tim Hall, a consultant from Bego Coaching and Training www.bego.co.uk. The exact activities are adapted to suit the different age groups, but generally cover these areas:

  • it is important to have goals and want to be successful, this is what makes us get out of bed in the morning and achieve!
  • we can learn anything- if we really want to!
  • effort always leads to results
  • we learn through following a process...
  • life is so much easier if we get on with everyone!

The workshops are fun, interactive and fast paced. They are designed to 'kick-off' or build on your 'growth mindset' work within school. As well as being motivational, the workshops are designed to bring out enterprising and character building behaviours such as self-starting, team working, resilience, problem solving, effective communication, willingness to take a risk, leading others and coming up with new ideas.

There were also be workshops with staff and parents. See letter here...

These pictures are of the Year 5 workshop, Year 6 and 4 took part in similar workshops, Year 2 and 3 have shorter, simpler workshops, but with the same underlying aim.

The workshop included learning new skills: The Pen Trick and Juggling, writing down your aspirations in life (no right or wrong answers!) and working collaboratively in teams, in this case to make a teepee.

All this was to supported by reinforcement of the key points listed above and how these apply to life in school and beyond.

Swindon Advertiser Report on the project.

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