Headteacher: Andrew Drury
Wanborough Primary School, The Beanlands, Wanborough, Swindon, SN4 0EJ
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Travel To School
Last updated 10.12.20
We encourage children and parents to walk to school if possible and we have produced a 5 minute walking routes map (below).

The '5 minute' zone on this map is approximate and all routes shown are either roads with pavements or footpaths. Copies of this map with further information are available from the school office.

Many families now come to the school from a wider area than envisaged when the school was built 30 years ago, leading to an increase in car traffic. More people trying to park around the school results in greater danger to all children and inconvenience to local residents.

We ask parents to observe an informal 'one-way' system, as indicated on the map, and to keep their speed down to below 20mph. There is a statutory 20mph limit outside school in the morning and afternoon.

Please park responsibly around the school, do not park in the areas designated with solid white lines or the yellow cross-hatching or across local residents' driveways. Please do not use the school gate for turning.

Dropping off or picking up children does not afford parents any extra privileges over other road users and inconsiderate parking is a major cause of complaint to the school. Also remember, small children cannot see over cars so may not see approaching traffic.

In 2018 Swindon Borough Council improved the footpath access from Hooper's Field to School and on up to Church Road, allowing the parking area at Hooper's Field to be used for 'Park & Stride'. This is marked on the map.

Many families have discovered that this is a convenient way to avoid parking difficulties, plus giving them the benefit of getting some fresh air and exercise before and after school.

Children can use scooters to come to school, but must be very careful around the school gates and must get off the scooter before going through the gate to the right of the entrance to the bike shed.

Pedestrians should enter by the gate to the left of the vehicle access.

Please remember:
  • Parking should not be to the detriment of local residents.
  • Please follow the unofficial one-way system. However, this is not the law and, whilst aggressive or dangerous driving is not acceptable, the unofficial one-way system is exactly that - unofficial.
  • Parents should inform family/friends who occasionally transport, of the local arrangements.
  • The school car park is not to be used for parking or dropping off. Those who are allowed to park on the school site must hold a disabled badge or been given special authorisation by the Head.
  • Park in other locations around the village and walk or scoot to school.
  • Possibly share lifts on occasions.
  • Older children, particularly those in Key Stage 2 can be taken to the gate in the mornings and left to make their own way to the playground.